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Loving each other, that’s what makes life worthwhile.

"And to Emily, who… I don’t know, I… there are moments when, you know, you just- you see someone and you’re working and that person just recognizes something inside of the other person, and says you know, I’m- I’m there to help you get through a scene or help you to figure out a moment, and I thank you so much from my heart, and I give my heart not only to you but to the cast." - DB (Episode 100 Speech)




Boneheads, we hope you are ready to celebrate a very special number, a very spacial episode. As you well know, this season our beloved show not only reaches 200 episodes, but also 206.

206 BONES. 206 EPISODES. And how are we going to celebrate it?


that’s good; that’s a good thing.


Bones - 10x04 - The Geek in the Guck


Emily on David - “One time I burst into tears, David took me outside and asked, “What’s going on with you?” and then really listened to my answer. He’s a wonderful friend.” 

David on Emily - “Emily has a great sense of humour. She’s very humble and she keeps me humble. She’s a joy and she doesn’t take things personally. We fought twice on the set and then we made up. We don’t hold grudges and when you work so close and for such long hours on a drama, you become a family.”



Two more months and it’s 2015 what the fuck

I swear it was 2012 and we were all freaking out about the world ending like three months ago


And then, Booth fell in love with Brennan, all over again !